Thursday, October 2, 2008


Harajuku is where the cool and stylish youth of Tokyo hang out. It's full of trendy stores, idol shops (boy bands - not religious icons), beautiful people, and these crepe places where they wrap cheesecake and fruit in a warm crepe full of REAL whipped cream. I may have had one. Or two. But hey - my clothes are too big already, so it was for the best. Really.

Yes, they really wear this stuff, and somehow they look good.

High school girl looking at posters of a boy band's new single. It's called "Happy Birthday" and released yesterday. How cool is that? Of course I bought one! It's NEWS! (My second-favorite Johnny's group. ..... Don't ask me how much I spent in those idol stores.)

Yep, they make a plastic version of every single flavor.

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Anonymous said...

I could use some of that plastic food in the showroom! Is this their rainy season or did you just luck out :)