Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Daikanyama - 代官山

Daikanyama T-site's restaurant Ivy Place opens at 7 am so it's a great breakfast place if you want to go to Daikanyama/Shibuya before rush hour and nothing else is open yet.  I really appreciate the custom in Japanese restaurants of providing a basket for your bag so that you don't have to set it on the floor.  Ivy Place is known for their pancakes.


The T in T-site stands for Tsutaya which is a chain of book and music stores.  This location has extensive offerings of magazines, books on all topics, journaling supplies, and travel and food sections spread over a campus-like grouping of buildings.  The location includes a shop for pets (you'll notice the leash hooks along the walkways,) a camera store that caters to women, and other lifestyle stores.





Following are some other places that I visited in Daikanyama that day.

Paletas makes popsicles/ice pops in very creative flavors.


Spring Valley Brewery

I don't really drink beer much.  I don't like hops or bitterness so I'm limited to a certain range on the beer spectrum.  Surprisingly, I liked every single one of the beers in the flight.  Spring Valley Brewery is located at the beginning of the Log Road shopping area.


Daikanyama is a great neighborhood to walk around and explore without any particular destination in mind.


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