Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Traveler's Factory, Nakameguro - トラベラーズファクトリー中目黒

Traveler's Factory makes my favorite customizable notebook and I use it extensively when planning my trips to Japan and while I'm there.  It's my safety net in case I break my phone, it's my something to page through while waiting, it's my second-guess-myself prevention while jet-lagged, it's my record of everything and everywhere.  I pack it full and call it my "itinerary of doom."  I never do everything in it but I have a wonderful time trying.  I'll make a post of my planning and memory notebooks in the future.  Anyway, the store is a bit of a mecca for me because there are only a few retailers in the US and none in my region.  Ordering online is just not the same.

Let's just say I stocked up a bit.  It seemed like a good idea at the time since the yen was down and US retailers mark up this brand substantially a lot.  But these are heavy items and I paid for it in baggage overage fees.  Next trip I'm learning how to ship things home.

The limited edition Pan-am Blue cover was released in 2015 and the store had an interesting display of Pan-am artifacts in the upstairs lounge.

Note: This shop is usually closed on Tuesdays.  They were open because it was Silver Week.

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