Friday, September 25, 2015

Kuramae - 蔵前

A few shops worth visiting on Kokusai Dori.

Kuramae Buriki - 蔵前ブキリ

This shop carries tin toys.  I purchased one of the Titanic boats.  It was made in India and included English instructions.


Kakimori - カキモリ

Kakimori is a stationery shop.  You can create your own notebook there.  They have front and back covers, packets of paper in varying colors and designs (blank, grid, ruled, etc.), and choice of style and color of bindings.  They add up the choices you've made, you pay, then in about 20 minutes your notebook will be ready.  They also carry other stationary items like pens and bookmarks.


Ink Stand

Ink Stand is owned by Kakimori and is located right next door.  While you're waiting for your notebook to be put together, come here to create your own personal color of ink.



Camera is a shop that combines higher-end leather lifestyle goods and a counter serving smoothies and other drinks.


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